KOBIS turns 5 this year!
Koperasi Belia Inovatif Sarawak Berhad, known as KOBIS, is a non-government organization that use Cooperative Berhad platform to function as a social enterprise entity registered under Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia. KOBIS actively involved in the Sarawak youth development agenda that mainly focused on innovation, enterpreneurship, skills and career.
Officially founded on 10th August 2011, throughout the year, KOBIS brought together about 100 young entrepreneurs and engaged more than 200 Sahabat KOBIS within one platform, one agenda and one vision: Empowering each other to a greater height. Along the journey, KOBIS has been working on more than 100 youth programs through cooperation and collabration from many supporting organization and agencies.
Commonly, KOBIS is functioning with social enterprise model for the better adaptability and sustainability. We at KOBIS believed every effort to empower youths is crucially important for the better nation and its generation. Hence, KOBIS and its management team will keep pursuing and sustain in this industry within our capacity and of course with the support from the many others too.
KOBIS Vision
By 2020, Koperasi Belia Inovatif Sarawak (KOBIS) become a main non-governmental organization (NGO) and driving force for Sarawak youth to embark development and enhance their growth through entrepreneurship, innovation, skills and career by maximizing potential and strengths towards making positive impacts in the society.
  1. Promote progressive and well-planned development of cooperative in Sarawak economy.
  2. To strengthen the socioeconomic of youth (members) through cooperative as the platform, catalyst and resource support to the members.
  3. Developing youth (members) towards excellence, especially on entrepreneurship, careers, skills and innovation.
  4. Fostering a comprehensive youth development agenda to help the Sarawak youth to be more aggressive, proactive and innovative in their role as the future leader of the country.
  5. Produce more innovative youth who are able to create a continuous impact in creating the future generations

I don't care about failing because I do not want to sit down in my older years and say, "How come I didn't try?"

Tony Fernandes, entrepreneur, founder of Air Asia
KOBIS logo is symbolizes by Rubik’s Cube shape which represent complexity and intelligence. It is also about knowing and understand how to put everything and everyone together to create success. It is in a tilt position as it symbolized youth with a spirit of “dare to be different.”

The color inside the Rubik’s Cube represent a few meanings. Green color in the logo symbolizes freshness, creativity and productivity. Apart from that, Green means progress where a project is given the “green light.” Orange color represent adventure, fun and optimism while Red color represent energy and passion. The White color in the logo symbolized efficiency and simplicity while Yellow represent youthfulness and clarities. Lastly, Blue color represent the sense of security and trust in KOBIS brand.


Our Commitment & Agenda
KOBIS is a platform for youth development based on the concept of youth, for the youth and by the youth where the youth are able to solve problems and create opportunities for local community.
  1. Ministries in federal and state governments
  2. Government departments, agencies
  3. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  4. Educational institutions, private and corporate bodies
  5. Cooperative associations and clubs
Promote and realize high-impact activities in line with the tastes of today’s youth. There advocate greater participation in the development agenda of young generation of dynamic and innovative, especially for the youth of my country Sarawak
  1. Understand, define and analyse the issues
  2. Translating and interpreting trends and issues through the approach of the issue
  3. Consensus to address the issue, collaboration in execution
  4. Assessing the effectiveness of the implementation through feedbacks and observations
  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Careers
  3. Skills
  4. Innovation

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